I am interested in implementing something like this on my own site.  I create private posts, not visible to anyone, quite often on my site.  But I would be comfortable with at least some of these posts being tucked away in an RSS feed for those who might take the time to subscribe to my blog.
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The prospect of being able to limit access to some of my posts is appealing.  I encounter this most often when I want to post photos that include the faces of family members.  But it is also true of some “stream” posts that I might like to syndicate to another site, such as micro.blog but which I don’t necessary want to include on my public-facing WordPress site.  It is quite possible that there are means of achieving both of these goals as well as others without incorporating any new technologies–I’m still getting the hang of “basic” IndieWeb functions–but I am interested in what more experienced folks have to say about this!
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