Readwise and Kindle Personal Documents

I finally figured out how to move highlights and annotations taken from personal documents (not items purchased in the Kindle Store) that were made on both my Kindle Paperwhite and Kindle Android app. I am usually carrying my smartphone but still prefer reading on my Paperwhite. There are lots of occasions when I’d like to read on my phone but do not have my Kindle Paperwhite handy.

The steps described in the Readwise tutorials below allow me to read, highlight, and take notes on either device while ensuring that I can still easily export those highlights and notes with the book title, author, and location data to Readwise. Once saved to Readwise, I download them as text notes on my computer and phone. Yay!

How to Export Kindle Highlights (Personal Documents Included) : 6 Steps – Instructables
This little guide has some useful information describing the range of options available for exporting Kindle highlights, including a method I hadn’t noticed to export highlights and notes as an HTML file from within the Kindle Android app.

How do I import highlights by emailing them to Readwise? – Readwise
This tutorial describes a range of options for emailing highlights to Readwise from various sources.

How do I import highlights from documents I sent to my Kindle? – Readwise
This tutorial provides what I really needed: Enumerated steps describing how to export highlights and notes from the Kindle Android app and send to the Readwise email address. And it has a handy GIF depicting the process!