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Convivial Society Thread: Summer Reading by L. M. SacasasL. M. Sacasas
Thinking about technology, society, and the good life.

A really interesting summer reading list is being compiled by readers of The Convivial Society.

  1. Odell, J. (2020). How to Do Nothing: Resisting the Attention Economy. Melville House.

I am interested in implementing something like this on my own site.  I create private posts, not visible to anyone, quite often on my site.  But I would be comfortable with at least some of these posts being tucked away in an RSS feed for those who might take the time to subscribe to my blog.

Open Educators on Mastodon by Clint Lalonde
3 min read It is great to see many people in my network again testing the Mastodon waters in the wake of the news of the sale of Twitter. Discovering and developing a new network can be difficult and is often a big barrier to moving to a new platform so to help get you started, here is a list of peo...