How to visit Pompei by Jeremy CherfasJeremy Cherfas (
Vesuvius from Pompei Plenty of places will tell you why you should visit Pompei (and Herculaneum), what you should look out for, and what it all signifies. Not so many tell you how to visit. This is an attempt to fill that gap. Crucially, Pompei and Herculaneum are both pretty exposed; there is shad...

My family longs to travel again.  And if we could, we would travel back to Italy and visit Pompei, perhaps using Jeremy’s tips.  Next year!

Planning for Gardens and Streams II: An IndieWebCamp pop-up session on Wikis, Digital Gardens, online Commonplace Books, and note taking by Chris AldrichChris Aldrich (
Following this past week’s I Annorate 2021 note taking sessions and the original Gardens and Steams IndieWeb pop up event last year, I thought it wold be a good idea to have a structured and open follow up. I’ve sketched out some ideas on the IndieWeb wiki at
Following People on by Chris AldrichChris Aldrich (
I get a LOT of value out of using, but one of my favorite parts is having the RSS feeds of about a dozen interesting peoples’ H feeds piped into my reader. I get not only interesting things to read, but highlights and annotations of the best of it all. The general format for feeds to s...

This is a terrific post for those of us, like myself, who have used but who aren’t as familiar with the RSS-related features.  I have a related question that may be better asked elsewhere but here goes:  Are you using a Microsub server to read these RSS/Atom streams from  If so, which one?  The Microsub server I use, Aperture, does not seem to recognize the RSS/Atom streams.

Might be attending IndieWebCamp Popup: Sensitive Data on Your Personal Website
Description Let's come together to discuss using our websites to host, post, share, and store sensitive data, including medical records, habit logs, personal media files, and private writing. What are the use cases for posting sensitive data on your own website? What plumbing is needed to host and s...

The prospect of being able to limit access to some of my posts is appealing.  I encounter this most often when I want to post photos that include the faces of family members.  But it is also true of some “stream” posts that I might like to syndicate to another site, such as but which I don’t necessary want to include on my public-facing WordPress site.  It is quite possible that there are means of achieving both of these goals as well as others without incorporating any new technologies–I’m still getting the hang of “basic” IndieWeb functions–but I am interested in what more experienced folks have to say about this!

Features I Want In My Social Reader by Jamie TannaJamie Tanna (
What sort of functionality do I want in my social reader, so I can follow awesome people's thoughts more easily?

Jamie, this post gave me a lot to think about.  In your blogroll, you mention that you are able to follow your full Twitter feed in Aperture.  Have you documented this anywhere?  Or have you seen any guides that explain this?  By the way, I also appreciated the presentation you shared, The IndieWeb Movement: Owning Your Data and Being the Change You Want to See in the Web.