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Will Monroe is the Assistant Director for Instructional Technology at the Louisiana State University Law Center. He has also taught courses at LSU and Sam Houston State University. He received a doctorate in educational leadership and research with a concentration in educational technology from Louisiana State University.

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I'm still learning my way around webmention on my WordPress site but I like what Amber shared here.
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When I re-made my site with Eleventy, the pages didn't change much, but I had loads of fun adding new features. The most fun was webmentions and I'm here to co…


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The Post Kinds Plugin
I’ve been using David Shanske’s excellent WordPress plugin Post Kinds, which is conveniently bundled into the IndieWeb Plugin, for more than a year now. (Update: I’ve also written a fairly in-depth primer for it.)
Much like WordPress’s native post formats (standard, asi...

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I won’t claim to be a Microformats expert…but the below are some simple steps that can be taken to adjust a theme structurally for Microformat posts.
The below filters can be added to a theme’s functions.php, but you have to make sure that your theme uses the post, body, and comment class func...

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Have you been hearing whispers about the #IndieWeb and want to know more?
Did you see Tantek’s call to action at WordCampUS last November, but wondered how to get started?
Do you have a WordPress website where you want to better own and control your own data?
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These look great, Chris. Which image creation tools were you trying?

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I’ve been tinkering with and test driving some various image creation tools.  To test them and simultaneously have some fun, I made a series of creative inspirational cards/inspirational posters/postcards for the IndieWeb. All the images are royalty free from Pixabay, and I’m releasing the text...

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While reading Ian O’Byrne’s Digitally Literate Newsletter, I learned about a blogging challenge called #100DaysToOffload by Kev Quirk - Blog. The challenge is to try to publish 100 posts to your blog within one year’s time (about one post every 3.5 days). The blog posts don’t need to be long-form, deeply meaningful, or even that well written. The important thing is to be writing about topics of interest. Posts can be tutorials or even links to other posts you find interesting.

Right now, I am trying to get in the habit of writing regularly. I want to get comfortable with the idea of working through professional and other creative challenges on my blog. My work as an educational technology administrator and as a teacher presents me with an array of interesting topics that I do not feel I have the time to reflect on as much as I would like. And the circumstances of the pandemic have enforced a professional and personal isolation that I would like to work through. This seems like an excellent opportunity to try work past those challenges and to have something to show for it on my blog. By October 4th, 2021, I hope to have one hundred more posts added to my blog.

At the end of each post, I plan to add the hashtag #100DaysToOffload as well as a sentence indicating how a reader might join the same challenge that I have accepted.

I’m publishing this as part of 100 Days To Offload. You can join in yourself by visiting