This website runs on WordPress and is hosted by Reclaim Hosting. The site uses the Indieweb Publisher theme, an open source fork of the responsive Independent Publisher theme that adds some additional functionality to support indieweb principles. I became interested in trying something different several years ago after discovering It gave me a chance to try out short-form posts that I could easily share and that were not subjected to the opaque timeline at work in Twitter or Facebook.

As I spent more time in, I began to read more about the indieweb. And after receiving some generous help from folks in the Indieweb Slack channels, I had my own WordPress instance with some basic features. The most intriguing feature was the ability to read a post on someone else’s blog, post a reply on my own blog, and have my reply show up on the other blog. This is all thanks to a technology called Webmention, a standard for mentions and conversations across the web. The ability to interact with others in this way is simple but powerful. And it is what I enjoy most about incrementally designing this site as a kind of digital garden or perhaps a commonplace book. I’m not sure yet.

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