About My Site

This website runs on WordPress and is hosted by Reclaim Hosting.  I use several WordPress plugins, technologies, and services to extend the functionality of my website.

Webmention. Webmention is “simply an @-mention that works from one site to another.”  The Webmention WordPress plugin allows me to read a post on someone else’s blog, post a reply on my own blog, and have my reply show up on the other blog.  And if they have Webmention set up, I will see their replies to my reply on my site.  You can read more about Webmention in this article by Chris Aldrich.  There is also a very helpful page by Manton Reece describing Webmention and how it is supported by Micro.blog.

JSON Feed.  I use a WordPress plugin that provides a JSON feed so that Micro.blog can easily import and parse posts intended for that service.  RSS has stood the test of time and I use it daily to read blogs through an RSS reader.  But JSON has made some improvements on that format that made it very useful for my particular application.

Micro.blog.  I am a Microblog user!  And one thing I love about this service is how I can post to my WordPress blog and have that post show up on my Micro.blog site.